Rock from outer space

Phoenix Lights are eclectics from outer space. Their music is an emotional vortex that sucks you in, taking you on a journey through the tears and the laughter of the universe, making you experience the true intensity of life’s colours, leaving you at the edge of your seat. Think of them as channellers of the collective consciousness, from outer space- right into your lap.

Phoenix Lights is a rock band based in The Netherlands . The band draws from multiple influences, including progressive rock, pop and classical. Their music is characterized by unusual compositions, melodious motifs and dynamic contrast. Each composition is a story, and each story is connected to the next one, via an invisible, but tangible thread.

There is something about the music of Phoenix Lights that transcends the time they write about. It is like Sandra and Laurens were born on another planet and have spent their lives here trying to understand life on earth. Overall, this is definitely a work of art beyond the confines of pop culture."

Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

"Phoenix Lights makes a compelling impression with this beautiful production. The beautifully arranged songs of this eclectic duo quickly stick because of the blood-curdling melodies, catchy riffs, unexpected turns and breathtaking vocal lines. In fact, Zovko and Voois leave you a little frustrated after 6 songs. , because the quality is so strong that you as a listener want more. If this is the tip of the veil, then expectations are high for the successor."

Serge Julien, journalist

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